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A Breath for Us

Resource Site

Learn more about the historical references, one package at a time


This site will be updated weekly with new references to explore from each package. 

Package 1

Fred Hampton, the Black Panthers, and more. Keep reading.

Package 2

Emory Douglas, Free Breakfast Program, and more. Keep reading.

Package 3

COINTELPRO, Elizabeth Catlett, and more. Keep reading.

Package 4

Women in leadership, arrests, and more. Keep reading.

Package 5

Pan-Africanism, Gee’s Bend, and more. Keep reading.

Package 6

Pecan pie, cootie catchers, and Billie Holiday. Keep reading.


The letters from each package will be updated weekly. Keep reading.

Thank you for supporting A Play, a Pie, and a Pint In Place. We look forward to bringing you new stories in new ways until it’s safe to gather in person!

Meet the creators

Sara Outing, writing in a notebook in a denim shirt.


Sara Outing

Tiny Dynamite audiences know Sara Outing’s delightful and surprising prop and set designs for many of our shows, including The Art of Swimming and The Complete Works of Jane Austen, Abridged. 

In Sara’s words: “Theatremakers have a chance right now  everyone has a chance  to untether from normalcy. Despite being confined at home, the internet has expanded our vision. The physical boundaries tying us to a specific venue, or audience, or network of influence, have been nearly erased. We turn instead to the social and moral currents that have always influenced our lives and our work, and that now fully define it. I’m riding that current into whatever comes next.”

The playwright in the woods


Jarrett McCreary

Jarrett McCreary is playwright and arts educator in the Philadelphia theater community. Journeying through almost every section of theater, from acting to administration, Jarrett has been well versed in what works best for a collective of creators in and out of a script. Jarrett was a part of the 2018/2020 member of the Interact Core Playwrights. His play “The Children of Edgar and Nina” also saw its first professional production with The Neighborhood Theater in Chicago IL, February 2020. His stories are black, they are queer, they are magical, and they are vulnerable, and the hope is to use these plays to dive deep into conversations about human connection.


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