Orange leaves and a drawing of two beer bottles clinking on a blue background with the words "Oktoberfest with Tiny Dynamite. A celebration of fall favorites: Pumpkins, beer, spooky stories, and more!

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Oktoberfest with Tiny Dynamite

A Play, a Pie, and a Pint is back October 6, 7, and 8 – outside!

A Breath for Us

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A Breath for Us

A play by mail

The Audience Disturbs Marcel’s Bath Time and He Is Very Upset With You All, 2018
Charlie Del Marcelle and Meghan Winch
Photo by Daniel Kontz

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Tiny Dynamite’s mission is to present new plays in new ways. Your support makes that work possible, and helps us create the communal experience that defines our productions. Thank you!

Black Lives Matter

Tiny Dynamite stands in solidarity with all those working for justice and for dismantling white supremacy. 

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It is the mission of Tiny Dynamite to offer audiences new ways to experience theater and artists new ways to create it. We present high-quality plays at modest ticket prices, in an environment that is intimate, social, joyful, and welcoming.

Brewers Fayre, 2016
Danielle Lenee and Meg Rumsey-Lasersohn
Photo by Plate 3 Photography

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The word on the Street;

The motto here is ‘new ways to experience theatre,’ and Tiny Dynamite is probably best known for their wildly popular A Play, a Pie and a Pint, where pub and theater merge.

— TimeOut Philadelphia

Bortle 8, 2016
Chris Davis
Photo by Plate 3 Photography