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Tiny Dynamite offers audiences and artists new ways to make and experience theatre, in an intimate, social, joyful, and welcoming environment. We couldn’t do that without you!

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Your support for Tiny Dynamite helps us make art that’s for everyone, anytime — not just for special occasions.

We’re announcing Audience Access, a campaign dedicated to making our programs widely accessible, for audiences with disabilities and those beyond our region. We are prioritizing accessible venues and we will create high-quality digital versions of all our events to make them available to a wider audience. We will also continue plays-by-mail, with new offerings for patrons to enjoy at home. Donor Becky Bradbeer is supercharging this effort with a $2,500 gift, and with your support we’ve already raised half of the funding needed to support the initiative through the entire theater season.

Your support today will have immediate, measurable impact on our efforts to be radically welcoming! 

We are grateful for the Sylvia W. and Randle M. Kauders Foundation’s generous support for Audience Access.

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Donna Orbits the Moon, 2019
Sabrina Profitt
Photo by Daniel Kontz

The Word on the Street:

Tiny Dynamite is a gem in the pantheon of small Philadelphia theater programs.

— Dennis Bloh, Philly Life and Culture

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