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It is the mission of Tiny Dynamite to offer audiences new ways to experience theater and artists new ways to create it. We present high-quality plays at modest ticket prices, in an environment that is intimate, social, joyful, and welcoming.

Our principal project is A Play, a Pie and a Pint®, a form of theater that breaks down perceptions that the arts are only for special occasions: we offer inventive short plays, in unexpected spaces, served with food and beverages.

The word on the Street:

“Talk about a warm welcome!…An exceptionally hospitable concept.”

— Amy Rosenberg, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Oktoberfest, 2022
Brittany Onukwugha, Satchel Williams, and Andrew Criss
Photo by Rebecca Gudelunas

About Us

Tiny Dynamite welcomes new audiences for theater with our accessible approach to presenting plays. Since our founding in 2008, we have produced welcoming, empathetic, and community-based stories. All programs take place under the banner of A Play, a Pie, and a Pint, a unique theatrical experience where each moderately priced ticket includes a performance, food, and beverage, often with seating at communal tables.

Our tagline is “brilliantly casual”; we reinvigorate the art form by dismantling the perception that theatre is only for “special occasions” and by breaking down barriers to participation. A Play, a Pie, and a Pint starts early, keeps costs low, and meets audiences where they are by moving productions around the city.

A performer in a white kimono and black hat enters, backlit with bookshelves behind him

Meet Murasaki Shikibu Followed By Book Signing, and Other Things, 2023
Makoto Hirano
Photo by Ashley Smith, Wide Eyed Studios

A performer in a yellow sweater and scarf stands adn smiles at a music stand

Oktoberfest, 2022
Satchel Williams
Photo by Rebecca Gudelunas

This allows us to operate from a spirit of joyful reinvention. We use low-fi magic and a pop-up aesthetic to push theatrical form while maintaining a deep, personal connection with the audience sharing the room. Our playful and unexpected work often explores the intersections of current events and history, as well as the relationship between the audience and the performer, in a spirit of fun, inclusion, and sociability.

We have commissioned and presented Philadelphia playwrights alongside American and Philadelphia premieres from emerging US and UK playwrights. As a women-led organization, Tiny Dynamite prioritizes women-led stories, and we seek to support racial, gender, and economic diversity in makers so that our work represents our vibrant city and arts community.

Support provided by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund

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Black Lives Matter

Tiny Dynamite stands in solidarity with all those working for justice and for dismantling white supremacy.

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Get to know Tiny Dynamite’s staff and board members, who help make our joyful, welcoming work possible!

PPP in Place

Our venues may be closed, but Tiny Dynamite is still actively offering audiences new ways to experience theatre.

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