Our Commitment to Equity

Tiny Dynamite stands in solidarity with all those working for justice and for dismantling white supremacy.

A central value of our company is to create experiences for our audiences that are welcoming and communal, operating from a spirit of joyful reinvention. In this pursuit, we acknowledge our responsibility to foster an anti-racist environment for our audiences. We affirm our commitment to anti-racist practices at every level of our company’s operations and to creating work with equitable practices for all our artists. We work for greater equity, community, and joy, for all Philadelphians. As part of that commitment, we strive for parity in our hiring practices for creative roles on and offstage.

Black lives matter, and systemic racism and oppression of marginalized communities are facts of the society and culture we operate within. We acknowledge that the work of making our company a safe and nourishing place for all artists, staff, and audiences is ongoing, and we are committed to continuing that work with care, humility, and a willingness to listen and improve when we go wrong.