This is the first blog entry for  A Play, a Pie and a Pint® and I promise that this is all the alliteration that this entry will contain;)

We are in a great place this week – we have finalised the details of our first season and our kickstarter campaign has gone live. It’s a huge relief. Next step is to continue the hunt for matching funds and start work on our marketing campaign. . Everything is a learning curve and without the support of some amazing people around me, I think I would have to turned to the ‘pint’ part of our project with considerable gusto.

But the major decision of this week has been to not perform in our first season. The deciding factor came when I spoke to a good friend who has climbed Everest(and not just the once). “Emma, expedition leaders for Everest do not summit”, he told me. Each thing we do must have different goals and the summit for each changes. To climb this mountain of fundraising, producing and to legitimately fulfill the potential of this project requires me to stay firmly in base camp (where hopefully there is a little more oxygen and supportive colleagues camping nearby.) It is a difficult but ‘right’ decision.

So now to marketing, management and motiovation (ok, I lied about the alliteration). If you, like me, are climbing your own mountain, I hope the ascent is easy and the view from above, quite, quite breathtaking.