Tiny Dynamite’s mission is to enrich, educate, and grow the local theater-going public in Philadelphia by introducing contemporary theater from the UK and USA in unconventional as well as traditional settings.

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FLASH! Tiny Dynamite Hires Producer for Season Five

Emma Goidel

Emma Goidel (photo: plate3.com)

October 1, 2015 Tiny Dynamite hires Emma Goidel to produce Tiny Dynamite's Fifth Season beginning this winter and continuing into June.

Meet Emma

Emma is a founding member of producing playwrights collective Orbiter 3 and a Philadelphia-based playwright. She comes to Tiny Dynamite after working in literary management off-Broadway at the Women's Project, in senior administration at the University of the Arts College of Art, Media & Design, and as a freelance digital marketer for artists and small businesses. As a playwright, she has recently worked with Ars Nova, Azuka Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre, InterAct Theatre Company, Labyrinth Theater Company, the Playwrights Realm, Òran Mór, and Tiny Dynamite. She is thrilled to join the Tiny Dynamite team. Needless to say we are too.

July 1, 2015: The Lamellar Project, new media background. Check out this how and why video: Lamellar Project background produced by the UK's South Hill Park Live. There's also a website that's just now being put together as a promo for The Lamellar Project: i-Genis Solutions.

April 24, 2015: The Lamellar Projectwent live for a scratch performance, aka dress rehearsal. Wife and husband scientists, she in the US and he in the UK, work on a project that could change the course of environmental history. Viewed by drama and technology experts, the performance was dubbed a successful application of digital technology that opened the way for international cultural cooperation and collaboration. >

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