Tiny Dynamite’s mission is to enrich, educate, and grow the local theater-going public in Philadelphia by introducing contemporary theater from the UK and USA in unconventional as well as traditional settings.

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  • SHP TLP 2

  • Lamellar Project Scratch Performance
  • The Lamellar Project

    The Lamellar Project
  • from A Number (Season Four)

    A Number
  • from Space Wang (Season Three)

    Space Wang
  • from Restaurant Shorts (Season Two)

    Restaurant Shorts
  • from Kyoto (Season Three)


Lamellar Project Garnering Support

July 1, 2015: The Lamellar Project, new media background. Check out this how and why video: Lamellar Project background produced by the UK's South Hill Park Live. There's also a website that's just now being put together as a promo for The Lamellar Project: i-Genis Solutions.

April 24, 2015: The Lamellar Projectwent live for a scratch performance, aka dress rehearsal. Wife and husband scientists, she in the US and he in the UK, work on a project that could change the course of environmental history. Viewed by drama and technology experts, the performance was dubbed a successful application of digital technology that opened the way for international cultural cooperation and collaboration. >

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It is such a novel way to attract people to the theatre that it makes you wonder why no one ever did this before."

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