Black Lives Matter

Tiny Dynamite stands in solidarity with all those working for justice and for dismantling white supremacy. 

Our hearts are with you and with the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and all who have been harmed by systemic racism and violence in Philadelphia and across the nation. Since this statement’s original release, we’ve learned the names Jacob Blake, Elijah McClain, Rayshard Brooks, and Daniel Prude. While recent stories of police brutality continue to make headlines, many more wrongs against Black Americans have gone uninvestigated or hidden from view. We grieve them all.

A central value of our company is to create experiences for our audiences that are welcoming and communal, operating from a spirit of joyful reinvention. We acknowledge our responsibility to foster an anti-racist environment for our audiences, affirm our commitment to anti-racist practices at every level of our company’s operations, and create work with equitable practices for all our artists. We will work for greater equity, community, and joy, for all Philadelphians. We can do better and we will.

How you can join in this effort:

Our Commitment

Tiny Dynamite has been listening carefully to the theater community—both here in Philadelphia and nationally—and we hear and support the demands for clear, actionable, and transparent practices and policies for both anti-racism and sexual harassment in arts organizations. We are working on crafting, enacting, and communicating those policies and procedures in order to ensure all artists, staff, and volunteers are safe and supported with this company. We are committed to continuing this work, and will release information on our DEI commitments and sexual harassment policy as soon as they are finalized. Thank you for your trust in us; we will always work to meet it.