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Theater Beat: a new recruit for the Barrymore Awards, a play with beer, and more
Updated: OCTOBER 9, 2017 — 6:03 PM EDT

Eat, drink, play

This summer, Kathryn MacMillan became artistic director of the doughty Tiny Dynamite company. It does that series “A Play, a Pie, and a Pint,” now in a new home upstairs at Headhouse Cafe, 122 Lombard St. Yep: You get a beer, a slice of ’za, and a play, just as it says.

The season kicks off with the U.S. premiere of The Art of Swimming (Dec. 6-17) by Irish playwright Lynda Radley. (“PPP” honors the Hiberno-British tradition of traveling pub theater.)

MacMillan calls Swimming “both comic and a little magical.” It (partly) concerns Mercedes Gleitze, the first British woman to swim the English Channel. Local actor Lee Minora, fresh from Edinburgh Fringe, is in the lead role.

“We value that convivial element,” MacMillan says, “seeing friends, drinking beer, having a chat.” She promises “plays you’d like to have a beer with.”