Writing Prompts

In our virtual event THE JANE AUSTEN SCRAPBOOK, we shared the writing prompts we used in creating THE COMPLETE WORKS OF JANE AUSTEN, ABRIDGED. Now, we’re sharing them here!


  • If you were to advocate for one book to adapt, what would it be and why? Generate 5-10pp.
  • In order to write in your character’s voice, you must get to know your character. Know them like you know your best friend! Fill out a character biography for each character in your play. Don’t skimp on the details – specificity is what makes us human.
  • Using this template, write a short scene for three characters (A, B, and C) with exactly the number of lines and words indicated for each character. The first and second lines will be 2 or 3 words, the third line 1 or 2 words, and so on. Make sure the scene is rooted in conflict. Use characters who are in your play, but don’t sweat it if it doesn’t seem like the scene will ultimately fit. Click the template image below to download it as a PDF.