Season Six – 2016/2017

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[image id=”954″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Notes”] [image id=”956″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Spacewang”] [clear]

Spacewang by Tom Wells

Performed at The Barnes Foundation
Directed by Allison Heishman, Featuring Akeem Davis and Meg Rumsey-Lasersohn

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Bortle 8 by Chris Davis

Performed at the Drake’s Bulver Theatre
Acted by Chris Davis and Directed by Mary Tuomanen.

Season Five – 2015/2016

[image id=”28″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Being Norwegian”] [image id=”758″ class=”alignleft” alt=”A Festive PPP”] [image id=”896″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Brewers Fayre; Photo by Plate3.com”] [image id=”893″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Brewers Fayre; Photo by Plate3.com”] [clear]

Being Norwegian by David Greig

Directed by David O’Connor; Featuring Kevin Bergen & Kittson O’Neill

Brewers Fayre by David Greig

Directed by David O’Connor; Featuring Corinna Burns, Richard Chan, Danielle Leneé, Brian McCann, & Meg Rumsey-Lasersohn

Season Four – October 2014

[image id=”472″ class=”alignleft” alt=”The Letter of Last Resort; L-R: Adam Rzepka, Susan Giddings”] [image id=”474″ class=”alignleft” alt=”A Number; L-R Lindsay Smiling, Akeem Davis” ] [image id=”476″ class=”alignleft” alt=”A Respectable Widow Takes to Vulgarity; L-R: Marcia Saunders, Harry Watermeier”] [image id=”481″ class=”alignleft” alt=”We Can All Agree to Pretend This Never Happened; L-R: Kittson O’Neil, Kevin Bergen”][clear]

The Letter of Last Resort by David Greig

Presented by Inis Nua Theatre Company; Directed by Claire Moyer

A Number by Caryl Churchill

Presented by Tiny Dynamite; Directed by Rebecca Wright

A Respectable Widow Takes to Vulgarity by Douglas Maxwell

Presented by Azuka Theatre Company; Directed by Allison Heishman

We Can All Agree to Pretend This Never Happened by Emma Goidel

Presented by Interact Theatre Company; Directed by Kittson O’Neill

Season Three – March 2013

[image id=”138″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Too Much of Nothing; L-R: Adam Rzepka, James Stover”] [image id=”135″ class=”alignleft” alt=”A Brilliant Noise”] [image id=”137″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Space Wang; L-R: Taysha Canales, Trevor Williams, Harry Smith”] [image id=”30″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Kyoto; L-R: Kittson O’Neil, Kevin Bergen”][clear]

Too Much of Nothing by Mark O’Halloran

Presented by Inis Nua Theatre Company

A Brilliant Noise by David Vazdauskas

Presented by Iron Age Theatre Company

Space Wang by Tom Wells

Presented by Azuka Theatre Company

Kyoto by David Greig

Presented by Tiny Dynamite; Directed by Paul Meshejian

Season Two – March 2012

[image id=”342″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Being Norwegian; L-R: Kittson O’Neil, Kevin Bergen”] [image id=”139″ class=”alignleft” alt=”End of Hope, End of Desire; L-R: Jared Delaney, Corinna Burns”] [image id=”145″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Restaurant Shorts; L-R: Adam Altman, Miriam White, Tom Tansey”] [image id=”159″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Buridian’s Ass; Steve Hatzai”][clear]

Being Norwegian by David Greig

Presented by Tiny Dynamite

End of Hope, End of Desire by David Ireland

Presented by Inis Nua Theatre Company

Restaurant Shorts

Presented by Tiny Dynamite

Buridan’s Ass

Presented by Iron Age Theatre Company

Season One – October 2011

[image id=”121″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Peaches en Regalia by Steve Lyons”] [image id=”141″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Hazardous; L-R: Miriam White, Rebecca Vail”] [image id=”140″ class=”alignleft” alt=”Fly Me to the Moon; L-R: Marcia Saunders, Maureen Torsney Weir”] [image id=”142″ class=”alignleft” alt=”The Ching Room; Eric Scotolati”][clear]

Peaches en Regalia by Steve Lyons

Presented by Tiny Dynamite; Directed by David O’Connor

Hazardous by Quinn D. Eli

Presented by Philadelphia Theatre Worksop

Fly Me to the Moon by Marie Jones

Presented by Tiny Dynamite

The Ching Room by Alan Bissett

Presented by Inis Nua Theatre Company