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A story told over 10 mailings sent to your home

Georgiana Recovered in Time

First package will be mailed on April 29, 2021
$60 per address

By Natalia de la Torre and Meghan Winch
A WORLD PREMIERE, commissioned by Tiny Dynamite

Georgiana Darcy was refined and polite – or tried to be, anyway. A thwarted elopement threatened to tame her wild heart, but all the good breeding in the world can only go so far. Two centuries later, her American great-great-etc.-grandniece finds a trove of letters and objects from her ancestor, and she passes them to you. Join us for a handcrafted story of love, distance, and what it means to bridge the two – all set in the world of Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice. 

Over the course of 10 mailings – packages and postcards sent to your home – you’ll be immersed in two love stories: Georgiana’s and her modern descendent’s. You’ll get a peek into what comes after the novel for your favorite characters, and receive handcrafted treasures – including some for you to make yourself!

Availability is limited. U.S. addresses only – unfortunately, we cannot accommodate international shipping.

Thank you for supporting A Play, a Pie, and a Pint In Place. We look forward to bringing you new stories in new ways until it’s safe to gather in person!

Meet the creators

An image of Natalia, a person with dark hair, glasses, and a black shirt holds a yellow flower and looks at a small cat


Natalia de la Torre

Natalia de la Torre is a prolific creative force in Philadelphia theater. Costume designer, scenic painter, wig stylist, craft artisan — Natalia does it all!

Natalia’s PPP in Place experience, Georgiana Recovered in Time, will come to you through the mail. Letters, packages, and surprises will deliver a modern, irreverent, and whimsical twist on the works of our beloved Jane Austen, as Natalia works in collaboration with Jane Austen, Abridged co-writer and artistic associate Meghan Winch.

In Natalia’s words: “As a designer, sometimes I feel pigeon-holed no matter how many different skills I cultivate. But right now, the slate feels wiped clean and all theatermakers are in the same reset/holding position. I get to storytell in ways no one considered I could. The risks we take are exciting when we are invited to leave our comfort zones.

An image of Natalia, a person with dark hair, glasses, and a black shirt holds a yellow flower and looks at a small cat


Meghan Winch

Meghan is a Philadelphia dramaturg and actor, and Tiny Dynamite’s artistic associate. She’s also one of the cowriters of Tiny Dynamite’s hit The Complete Works of Jane Austen, Abridged!

Meghan is collaborating with Natalia de la Torre on Georgiana Recovered in Time, a series of 10 packages and postcards that will come to you through the mail. Two love stories – one modern, one set in the world of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice – will be revealed through words and crafts, some of which you’ll even make yourself.

In Meghan’s words: “As others have pointed out before me, there’s something really resonant today about the way Jane Austen’s love stories play out. I’ve been craving stories about love, connection, and joy, even (or especially) from a distance, and it’s been great fun to write one alongside Natalia’s delightful designs.”

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