Page 1 of a letter on stationary. Full text in caption.

Dear Josie,

Don’t be too mad. There hasn’t been a lot of time to write with trying to find housing, a job and all. This revolution they keep talkin bout don’t exactLy cover water and heat. I found a cute boarding house, girls only, and I got a job as a coat check girl in one of those nightclubs. Got my own booth and everything!

Don’t even need to see your face to know it’s still scrunched up. Stop being mad at me! This is good news, Josie. I made it. Chicago is cold, even in March. But Vernon, my manager at the nightclub, says I’ll get used to it. And besides, at night I’m either at work or in my room. It’s the days that I’ll be out. But the days are sometimes colder! You’d hate it. I can feel you shivering now!

I know, I know, I’m holding off on the good part. I just wanted you to know I’m safe and sound and I got people lookin after me. A woman on her own in the middle of a new city is a rough thing. And I don’t have my best friend to guide me, but I wanted you to know I’m guiding myself just fine. And that I miss you even still.

Now that the gushy parts out of the way!

I think they changed the name of this group before I got here. Or maybe this is a group within the group?