The Lamellar Project

Coming to Philadelphia in 2017!

Tiny Dynamite teams up with UK theatre and film company Pursued By A Bear for a pioneering international collaboration to present futuristic eco-thriller The Lamellar Project.

Performed for a live audience in-person and via Skype, with two actors on two continents, this stirring transmedia experience toured the UK in the spring of 2016, and will travel to Philadelphia in 2017. 

About The Play

Set in 2038 after the beginning of the Sixth Great Extinction, huge biotech firms have begun to replace lost species with genetic reproductions. And now that a war wages between nations, governments have weaponized the planet’s ecology for commercial and territorial gain. Carys, a British scientist working for a giant biotech in the United States, communicates with her husband Michael, a university professor in the United Kingdom, via a digital transatlantic link. As their personal relationship deteriorates, so too does the political situation in the destabilized UK, forcing Carys to make a terrible decision.

Written by Grant Watson
Directed by David O’Connor

Presented in Philadelphia through the support of
Developed with Pursued By A Bear through the support of

Get a peak at the 2016 UK tour.

What is transmedia storytelling?

Transmedia storytelling utilizes live and digital platforms to tell a single story. Rather than confining the narrative to one medium, transmedia storytelling moves a story fluidly across multiple formats–such as video, live performance, and social and interactive media.

In The Lamellar Project, the story of scientists Carys and Michael is performed live by two actors–one in a physical theater space before an audience, and another a continent away, who is Skyped into the space. The performance continues on the internet, where the public can further explore the world of the play and view the production via live streaming on our digital “cloud stage.”

Creating The Lamellar Project

UPstream: The Lamellar Project from SHPLive.TV on Vimeo.